Agrafresh - Only nature's best!


Quality system:

- Integrated quality system

Our quality policy is based on the following strategic pillars:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Qualified and motivated employees
  • Continuous investments in new machinery, infrastructure and new technologies
  • Close cooperation with our suppliers for safe and high quality raw materials
  • Frequent contacts with our customers to measure customer satisfaction and to develop new products.

- IFS certificate

Agrafresh has been IFS certificed for years. IFS is an internationally recognized certification based on an audit by an independent qualified auditor.

Below links show the most recent versions of our certificates:

- Automated optical selection

Next to our organisational quality guarantees, we also have the most recent technological resources available on the market. Our production facility is equipped with a machine for automated optical selection of the goods. This implies that all non-conforming particles are automatically removed, before the products are packed.

The machine is set based on the properties of the scanned products. With the correct settings, all particles are scanned automatically in a blink of an eye using the different types of cameras.

Below picture gives a good impression of how the machine works:

 Automed scanning system

Own cultivation:

In order to guarantee a premium quality of our resources, we cooperate as much as possible with our own cultivators.

- Locally

Our production site is surrounded by our own fields. Thanks to this, we have a perfect control on the quality of our crops and the cultivated varieties. Local cultivation also assures that the entire production cycle is completed in the shortest time possible and using freshly harvested resources.

Quality - eigen teelt

- Internationally

When supply from our own region is not possible, we cooperate as much as possible with cultivators who are working exclusively for Agrafresh. This assures that we can work all year long with resources that are under our full control, guaranteeing a constant quality of our end products.