Salads & Salad mixes

Discover our salads.

Fresh salads in a adapted package keep our salad products fresh and crisp for a long time which can be used to brighten up a simple meal.

The combination of a few salad leaves, a grated carrot, some slices of cucumber and a tomato mixed with balsamic and a cold pressed olive oil creates a sparkling combination of flavors.

Vegetables & Vegetables mixes

Research shows that vegetables have a positive effect on your health because they are an important source of food fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables reduce the blood pressure and LDL-cholesterol (due to soluble fibers such as pectin and inulin). They protect against heart and vascular diseases.

We at Agrafresh make sure that our customers vary in vegetables sorts as many as possible according to the seasons. Put all the colours of the rainbow on your plate: so you will get all the necessary nutrients from various vegetables.

Pasteurized vegetables

No time to cook and still feel like having some delicious warm vegetables? We have a full range of pre-cooked vegetables.

The French term cuit sous-vide stands for vacuum cooked. Vacuum cooking allows products to be held longer without the addition of preservatives and E-numbers.

Sous-vide preparation kept the taste, structure, color, vitamins and nutrition values optimal.

In no time, you’ve got a delicious warm portion of vegetables full of vitamins on your plate.