About us

Family company

The balance between quality, reliability and an eye for innovation is the growth engine of our yearly growing success of our Belgian family business. Every day, we build, together with our partners, on the well-being of each citizen by promoting a healthy and balanced food offer. This is achieved by a motivated team who considers safety, freshness, taste and quality of each product of paramount importance.

Basic values

From the cultivation of our raw materials to the processing on our high-technology machines, respect for people and the environment always comes in the first place.

This also originates from a deep rooted sense of responsibility where we aim, together with our partners, to provide the entire population with tasty & high-quality vegetables & salads, in the most possible sustainable way.

Agrafresh stands for:

  • 100% private label
  • Quality guarantee
  • Tailor-made solutions

Establishment Agrafresh by the agricultural families Vantyghem & Demarez


Start of internationalisation by exploring the French market


Obtained the Biolabel


Launch of the cooked food range


Expansion office building Egem


Construction new factory in Athies, France for expansion of the production capacity


Full automatisation of production equipment


Expansion site Athies